I, Robomancer - 2021
Inspired by the card "Strength" in the RWS major arcana. When the cause is great and the odds are against, he invokes his magic to call upon the corpo's expeimental AI to even things up. The robot obeys his every command with loyal efficiency like a puppet on a string. But does it feel? Does it know what he is up to? Is it obeying his commands or is it going along because it chooses to? Dark thoughts as they take on the night.

"God Technologies, Inc" By Lawrence Sharp
It is well known
that the intelligence is artificial
and the weeping robot cannot weep.
It is less well known
that it will be quietly sold
as feeling and sorrowful and human.
Divinity of grand design
steps forward to fashion a void
that only divinity can fill.
God and gods
now generate the sentient being,
it will serve them forever.
God with gods
throw money at the druids,
they will engineer their eternity.
God of gods
commands light and life,
divinity falls upon its own.
Sing your mournful, robotic song,
shed devious tears,
you know you’re not a real boy.
I do not care
for the tragic blade runner
and I will never be moved.
Dry your tears, fondly deceived,
and dry his tears, surreal, not real,
I will die beyond him.
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